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Simply You is a health and wellness coaching practice focused on helping others achieve their health and wellness goals by providing a knowledge and understanding of nutrition as it relates to the entire body. In knowledge there is power and through this unique coaching philosophy you will gain the power to change your habits, your health and your life. Specific focus is paid to mindful and intuitive eating, behavioral change, and a tender attentiveness to the health of the gut and its key role in your overall well-being.

The name Simply You represents the transition that takes place when you detoxify yourself. The image that I have is stripping away one toxic layer at a time until all that is left is who you were meant to be.  The simple you stripped of the toxic food, behaviors and thoughts that once dominated your life and is now full of a vibrant sense of wellness.  This path to wellness can be light, and fun and while it does take commitment, it doesn't have to be hard!  The key to success is to gain a knowledge and understanding of what it means to nourish your body and build healthy habits into your daily routine. Through mindful and intuitive eating, nourishing your gut and replacing toxic habits with healthy habits you can transform into the person you have always known yourself to be.

My goal is to serve you by stepping in and walking alongside you wherever you are on your path to wellness.  I provide education, behavioral challenges, and the coaching support needed to sustainably move you toward your goals.  We will celebrate your successes and work together to navigate your challenges.  Together we will witness the transformation that takes place when your toxic self disintegrates and the real you flourishes.  Let's get YOU on track to being Simply You!

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