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What can increase a company’s productivity, improve its culture and boost its bottom line? A wellness program!

Not just any wellness program though. One that works with your team to lay out a concrete understanding of health, wellness and nutrition that can be applied at work, as well as at home. All of the knowledge in the world doesn’t change behaviors though! That is why at Simply You we take this knowledge and immediately apply it to a set of behavioral challenges that are facilitated in a way that offer real results through consistent healthy habit changes that are motivating, community building, goal oriented and can be implemented right away into the daily lives of your people.

At Simply You we include the option to incorporate family into our wellness workshops and challenges as well since a family focused on their well-being at home only translates to less wasted time and less stress for those working parents resulting in that optimal work life balance that is so important to overall wellness! Using vacation days to stay home with sick kiddos, personal time to run them to and from doctor appointments and the stress of getting that phone call from the school nurse half way through the day can often times be avoided with a focus on health and wellness within the home!

Workshops and Challenges are privately quoted so that they meet the specific needs of your company. Contact me and we’ll develop a plan uniquely designed to fit your needs.