This right here is your very BEST VALUE and within this year we will completely transform YOUR LIFE!!!  Lasting change comes when you make a series of small, habit changing actions.....we will take this year and gradually and sustainably achieve your goals and earn you that happy and healthy life that you deserve!

What do I get you ask???

  • Initial consultation (phone call or in-person visit)

  • Customized and specifically tailored plan made just for YOU to get you from where you are to exactly where you want to go

  • 11 monthly revisit sessions so we can keep you right on track

  • Unlimited in between sessions via text or e-mail - have a question about what to order on your date night out or what to buy at the grocery store when your go to item is sold out? Just ask! Having a craving before bed time and need an accountability check? Text away! That is what I am here for!

  • Pantry Makeover - don't worry we don't waste food here - simply make a list of which items you'll want to replace as they run out and what to replace them with

  • Guided Shopping Trip - customized trip at your grocery store where we take all of the guesswork out of what to buy and not to buy during your regular trips to the store. How to label read and what items to avoid will all be included.

  • Simply You Habits shopping lists for your grocery store - a reference guide to the most common items on your shopping list and what you want in your shopping cart

  • Monthly Meal plans provided in the beginning that will transition to you developing your own as your progress down your wellness journey

  • Meal Prep Tips and Tricks to keep all of that healthful food fresh and available

  • Unlimited Access to Monthly Challenge Groups as they are offered

What does this cost me?

  • 12 month membership is just $100/month - that's $25 a week! - that's like $3.50 a day!!! We'll save you that much a week on your grocery bill!

Not ready for a 12 month commitment or just feel like you don't need quite that long?  We can still do some serious damage to your goals in the 6 month or 3 month memberships and it will still save you some dough!

  • 6 month membership is only $150/month and will get you all of the goods listed above for only about $37 a week - I mean honestly at $5 a day! You can cut your Starbucks habit and still come out ahead!

  • 3 month membership comes in at $200/month which is seriously still a steal - chances are that $7 a day you could save by cutting out some of those work week lunches!

Achieving your goals and traveling this journey towards a happy and healthy family does not have to break the bank!  The rewards you will realize by shedding your toxic self and stepping into the new you will far outweigh the dollars a day!  I promise!